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Tsunoo Rhilty (TROLL & Co.), Marcer (Elite), The Paranoid (Paranoia), MC Laser & MoonDog (.tSCc.), Baggio (Wildfire), Keops (Equinox), Dma-Sc, St Ghost & Zerkman (Sector One), Sharpman (The Black Cats), Grazey (P.H.F. & D-Bug), ST Survivor (LOUD!), Evil (D.H.S), Troed (Sync), D-Bug (NeXT), Krystal (FMC Cnx), Zaphod Beeblebrox (SCSI), STuFF (The Silver Ghosts), Marq (Fit), Cia (Galtan 6), Tigrou (Albedo 0.12), Mangue (Adrenaline), Strider (Supremacy), ...