Frédéric Mutter
aka Tsunoo Rhilty
From T.he R.aiders O.f the L.ost L.ock & Co.

Tsunoo Rhilty is probably one of the first cracker on the ST and probably the first french crackers.
Installed in Paris, he can spread news and quickly become well known in the ST world, friend of CSS, BOSS and TEX.

  • 1983 : Tsunoo founded the TROLL & Co. on Apple II
  • 1986 : He moved to the Atari ST
  • 1987 : Joined the S.T.C.S.
  • 1988 : Changed his pseudo to The Lord (he chosed extra a very bad pseudo)
    He cracked Dungeon Master under the 42-Crew name because he was already to much known under The Lord.
    Most wanted pirate in France. He quitted the scene due to the military obligation.
  • 1989 : Moved to Germany
  • 2001 : Tsunoo lives in Germany with his wife and his daughter, far away from his past.

    Visit him at

Also known as : The Lord